Aadhaar card scheme

Aadhaar is seen to be putting impact on every field of life trying to make it easier for people from every section of the society. The process of providing unique identity number to the citizens of the country is aiding the process of spread of equality among people. This ambitious scheme was launched by Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh at a special function at Shahada in the tribal district of Nandurbar in Maharashtra.
The 12 digit unique code is to be assigned to each individual of the country which will be different for each person. This number will act as their universal identifier.

This process of implementing the scheme of Aadhaar card is being overseen by the Unique Identity Development Authority of India, also known as UI DAI. The issuing of Aadhaar numbers follows strict rules and verification details which include demographic and biometric data including finger prints and iris scan. This project undertaken is expected to bring a big change in the functioning of the country.